What is area?

It is a term that measures the space inside any shape. Area plays an important role in our life. Its importance is obvious in geometry and calculus.

Knowing the area of different shapes is very useful. For example, we can determine the amount of paint that can be used to cover a wall by determining it’s area.

A primitive way to measure the area of different shapes it to divide it into small squares of fixed size. By counting the number of squares, we can know the area of the shape.


Every unit of length has a corresponding unit of area. Square metre is the standard unit of area. It is the area of a square whose both sides are one metre long.

Let’s see different area units:

Square metres (m2).

Square centimetres (cm2).

Square millimetres (mm2).

Square kilometers (km2).

Square feet (ft2).

Square yards (yd2).

Square miles (mi2).

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